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Literally see how two nerdy brothers, Hank and John Green, became closer by restricting their communication, helped causes – and are celebrating this holiday with the world. Their tightly orchestrated, viral “Me+Me(brothers)toWe” campaign method is one you could adapt for your own purpose. It launched the brothers and their allies to the top five spots on YouTube. A first.

Tips we can glean from their success:
1. Conceive a “first-ever” campaign where all participants gain visible bragging rights.
2. Make your first partner someone you know very well.
3. Keep the concept simple and visual.
4. Create a new word and a slogan.
5. Make it easy and fun to participate.
6. Have a start date and an end date tied to familiar holidays.
7. Create and adhere to specific rules.
8. Find a way each participant can support a cause.

Here’s the Brotherhood 2.0 story as told by ReadWriteWeb’s Muhammad Saleem.

moving from me to we


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