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Hire Kare As A Consultant

Train Employees to be Credible, Compelling Brand Ambassadors

Consumers Now Have the Clout to Burnish or Bust Brand Reputations

In our digital age, people increasingly compare and share product experiences, giving them game-changing power over your brand reputation.  Turn this growing threat into a great opportunity by using your best asset: your employees.

Engage Your Customers Before Competitors Do

The surest way to seize this opportunity is to support and motivate employees in becoming avid, apt, articulate and authentic ambassadors of your brand, and thus their own. Each of these traits is essential to reducing organizational brand risk and maximizing benefits.

For Strong Employee Brand Ambassador Training, Hire an Expert in Connective Behavior

Quotable and Connected” columnist for Forbes, Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review and Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, Kare Anderson helps organization and individuals engage others to succeed in their world. She accomplishes that by translating behavioral research into actionable ways to communicate-to-connect and create more value and visibility with and for others in more situations — and become more frequently quoted. Through her speaking, training and coaching, thousands of individuals have discovered exactly how to strengthen relationships in ways that increase opportunities for all participants.


Ways to Use Kare’s Services

Kare’s approach to group and individual coaching:

Group: Provide universally applicable methods for building credibility and connectivity in-person and virtually

Individual: Give very specific, individual feedback on how to maximize top talents (skills and experience) and best temperament (likeability quotient) to generate mutually-beneficial opportunities in more situations.

Hire Kare to…

1. Provide key leaders with individual brand ambassador coaching
2. Give intensive, interactive and sequential 90-minute group coaching plus individual sessions
3. Deliver a company-hosted presentation to invited customers, prospects and others

Tangible Benefits of Employees as Brand Ambassadors

• Get wider, better and quicker customer engagement for complaint resolution, product innovation and compliment spreading

• Boost employee performance, cross-functional collaboration and esprit de corps

• Build loyalty by supporting candid, helpful conversations around your brand

• Customers will identify with your brand when they identify with and relate to your employees more personally

• Provide customers and employees with the bragging rights that attract more customers, talented new employees and positive media coverage

More About Kare Anderson

Kare’s trailblazing experience in media, and politics helps her step into the shoes of the people she supports in speaking, training and coaching. She’s the author of Moving From Me to We, Walk Your Talk, Resolving Conflict Sooner and Getting What You Want.  

Kare coached “influencers” In both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. She’s spoken at over 5,000 conferences. Kare was Pacific Telesis’ first Cable TV and Wideband Director, chief of staff for a California state legislator, co-founder of nine PACS, a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown and a journalist in five countries. Her clients are as diverse as Siemens, Walmart, Intuit and Novartis. She’s coached people as diverse as pro athletes, CFOs, surgeons, start-up founders, analytics team leaders and politicians.

As David Rockefeller, Jr. said after hearing Kare speak, “She will forever change how you see yourself and your world.”  See what how others have benefited from working with Kare.

See some testimonials here and here.

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