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Ten Ways To Become More Frequently Quoted

Tell The Story That Tells The Story Dusk settled coolly over the misty emerald vineyards in Napa Valley one fall evening. Through the window, I gazed wistfully at a thin stream of bittersweet chocolate sauce a waiter was ladling high over a raspberry-colored cake a...

Deliver Presentations That Make Audiences Care

In today’s time-starved, relationship-diminished world, audiences: – crave attention and connection with each other whether they meet virtually or in person. And we continue to: – Want ready-to-use ideas – AND be entertained. These goals are...

17 Ways to Negotiate and Preserve Relationships

My early mentor, the legendary decision scientist and author of numerous books, Howard Raiffa once said, “It is often easier to deal with someone who is acting like a jerk who knows what he wants than a seemingly pleasant person who doesn’t.” 1. Anticipate What You...
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