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Watch vignettes of Kare Anderson speaking

“It’s not about extroversion or introversion. It’s just about the amount of energy…”


“I want you to give yourself a quota each week. And that is to give a third party endorsement to someone you deeply admire…”


“Hone your best talent. Know the flip side. Hone your best temperament. Know the flip side…”


“What’s a likable label that you have for yourself?”


“If it’s quotable, what happens? What’s a sign of quotability?”


“In a complex, connected world, temperament and talent and honing it are the first thing.

“The second thing is how quotable you can be. Because regardless of your temperament, if people don’t hear you, your words don’t spread.  And in this connected world, the most glorious thing is that words can spread…”

moving from me to we


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