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From raunchy to celebratory, every single minute, YouTube users are uploading six hours of their new videos. More than 100 million people are viewing them. And that was last May.

Yet even the founders probably didn’t imagine that their Main World Channel would eventually provide the most accessible way to see some of the brightest thinkers of our time. By making YouTube a “no-brainer” to use, they ensured that great minds can speak to more of us.

Watch such diverse luminaries as a best-selling author describing The Botany of Desire, the most famous living Latin American artist talking about his Abu Ghraib paintings, six Nobel Laureates advocating energy self-sufficiency and four researchers warn of the politics of obesity. All thanks to the customized YouTube channel for UC Berkeley “Discover Cal.” (And many new people are.) Yet, with the rapidly growing flood of audio and visual ideas, action, news and “facts” it has never been more vital for all organizations to be more transparent and interactive. And it is crucial for people of all ages to learn how to search for the full story and to be independent, critical thinkers, as Stephen Abrams advocates.

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