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Don’t let this happen to you. Use a powerful audience involving technique. Make your presentation about “us” rather than you by evoking The Power of Three. Here’s how. Repeat your key “message” phrase three times in succession, then repeat it once, several more times throughout your talk. First time, it is heard as your slogan. Then becomes “our” anthem – one that the audience becomes eager to echo after you.

In a concession speech (that managed to sound as upbeat as his victory speech) Barack Obama morphed his modern day version of MLK (“free at last”) and JFK (“we choose to go to the moon”) saying with warm, cool confidence, “Yes, we can.”

What core phrase will you repeat three times in a rhythmic cadence, at least once in your speech so that your energy and their’s rises and joins in one energetic rolling wave? Let them leave the room with “our” phrase indelibly imprinted in their brain, eager to repeat it to others.

Three other thoughts. Watching Obama, you realize that 1. Praising your opponent (or others) is a classy show of self-confidence. (When you throw mud you get dirty). Praise is a reflective spotlight.

2. To connect with an audience, you do not have to move around the stage, waving your arms or even raising your voice… unless that is your authentic way of being.

3. Notice that many great speakers evoke a repetitive, cadence to brought out the best side in the people they addressed. Few speak fast. Most had their own brand of passion, self-deflecting humor and enunciated clearly and varied their pace so the points of emphasis stood out. Most of all, speak to bring out others’ best side. Then see the magic that happens when others want to repeat your words in song.

moving from me to we


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