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Imagine creating a short video of your suggestion or related story in advance of your reunion, employee or professional meeting or celebration? Suppose you could also add comments on a group blog? Then see what’s on others’ minds before you get together. To see the power of such an approach, visit the site created in just a few days to show support from young people for Hilary by SplashCast. Within two weeks hundreds of short videos have been added and the site has had “hundreds of thousands of applications views, according to SplashCast.

Also, you and your colleagues can use an easy-to-install widget to rate the video submissions at a place you create on Facebook as NPR and Open Gym have done.

Another idea: during and after your get-together, ask people to submit their videos, then blog and Twitter comments about what they most enjoyed. Create your own contest, event or cause or product coverage – or your personal or neighborhood channel.

I’m speaking to the Oregon Dental Association next month in Portland, where SplashCast is located. It would be great fun to partner with an ODA member to interview members whilst there or cover the non-profit conference as Scott Beale did at SXSW.

Or maybe there’s a way to partner with Splashcast to attract attendees’ videos of Best Ways to Communicate before I speak at the annual conference of the International Association of Business Communicators in New York. Then IABC could invite the general public to vote for their favorites.

Find video news clips that may interest your group. Get more ways to enable members of your group to share, using social media from the adept librarians at NJLA and the Portland Social Media Club.

Do you think your group might want to show off their members’ bright ideas-as-video-vignettes on their site or blog?

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