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Encourage your neighbors to vote. Download an unusual yard sign. Over 24,000 people voted for 50 artist-designed signs at My Yard. Our Message. Thank you Bri Bigaouette for my favorite, and Dave Brynestad and DK Lockhart for my follow-up choices.  As Chip and Dan Heath suggest in Made to Stick, the unexpected message grabs the most attention. (Where do you stand on voting?)

Then read the Twin Citiesbased backstory on this crowdsourcing contest.   Most any local city, club or cause could adapt this contest to raise involvement and awareness for their key message.

As in this contest, use Facebook and CafePress to build buzz and sell signs. For example, a city could host a contest for fire prevention-related yard sign messages.  Local civic clubs and businesses could co-sponsor it and offer to post winning signs on their sites – and honor the winners.

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