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Attract more sales by adapting this success story to your situation.  Image theft online is the hot button for photographers. It’s the main reason they are loath to post their images on the net.  Yet that’s the most efficient way to sell images.

As of this week, through their membership in the National Press Photographers Association, for a reduced fee they can track their images online and thus secure more licensing revenue.  That’s thanks to the association’s partnership with ImageSpan, based in my village.  ImageSpan to gets introduced to their prime market of customers without paying for advertising. 

Even though the firm’s reduced pricing for members means a smaller profit margin it also generates more sales. That’s good news, in a bad economy where cash is king. Now ImageScan has enlarged its opportunity to reach its target market by forging a partnership with an even larger group of its kind of customers, The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations. 

You, too, could generate more sales without advertising by offering a special deal

 through the associations that serve your kind of customers. To keep members in difficult financial times, associations must offer extra value – perhaps your custom offering. Two ways to find the right membership-based groups for your business are by:

1.   Asking your customers, “What’s the most important professional group to which you belong?” 

2.   Perusing the list of associations at ASAE.

This SmartPartnering method is especially apt for professional service providers, from accountants to travel agents.   In fact, as a variation of this method I forged an association/association partnership.  Accountants, through their national association, could locate a participating travel agent (who offers a special vacation packages via their association) for their much-needed, post –tax season getaway.

See more ways to profitably partner here and in my ebook, SmartPartnering – and send me your partnering success story.

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