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Tayler Malicf60c53ef0120a93bab37970b-120wi“Proofreading your peppers is a matter of the the utmost impotence.” Mortified by some of the mistakes you’ve made in writing and overlooked when re-reading? In a droll stand-up act TaylorMali covers many of the most common, sometimes Freudian slips. Imagine proofreading as comedy that cracks you up as you cringe at familiar writing errors.

“I need to be challenged, challenged menstrually…I need a college that could give me intellectual simulation. Not just anal community colleague.  I really felt that I could get into an ivory legal college…. Gone would be my dream of going to Harvard, Jail or Prison.”Mali1cf60c53ef01310fa26c08970c-120wi

“There is no prostitute for careful proofreading.”

Only a warped mind could imagine Icarus Airlines. Then, in another spoken word performance, enjoy his take on our increasingly inarticulate speech, advocating clarity and conviction.  In a more personal vein, see another side of Taylor, where he ruminates about her after she…

Mali book41cf60c53ef01310fa268d9970c-120wiDiscoveries like slam poet Mali and monologist Sarah Jones remind me, again of the network effect, through friends, of finding prodigious talent on the Internet.Sarah Jones1cf60c53ef01310fa2669c970c-120wi

moving from me to we


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