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For most of our lives we’ve been advised to lead and manage others. We’ve been taught to resolve conflict, influence, negotiate and otherwise attempt to get what we want from people.Through self-improvement, we’ve told we’ll become happier, smarter and more attractive, successful and self-aware. Right?

But what about the concept of us? More people would rather enjoy the camaraderie of smart collaboration than be lead, persuaded or managed.

Wouldn’t you?

Let’s share ways to become opportunity-makers with and for each other in our work, personal interests and social life.

After all, the timing is perfect. The world is flattening. In this Connected Age it keeps getting easier to find people, fresh ideas, new opportunities and people whose talents or interests complement each other.

What’s missing is the guidebook on how to engage with others to accomplish something better together than we can alone.

What are the successful methods? How do we find and recruit the right partners or groups? What are the rules of engagement? What are the pitfalls? Success stories? What-if scenarios? Research and books to guide us?

Exactly how do we join forces to create a break-through product, tight-knit team, cause campaign, group-to-group alliance or enduring friendship? All around us are stories of missed opportunities, broken relationships and great projects sabotaged by lack of information, trust, coordination or personality conflicts. Yet we also hear inspiring stories that demonstrate that some people are leveraging their talents and relationships to great success.

Let’s share ideas on how to harness the power of us.

Let’s discover the approaches that work in Moving From Me to We. Let’s find successful Rules of Engagement. Let’s compare success stories for enjoying more satisfying lives together.

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Here’s to becoming higher-performing and happier with other.

Let’s savor our life with each other.

Credo for Moving From Me to We

We don’t have to go it alone anymore. Together we can:

  • Practice ways to accomplish more with each other.
  • Learn from unlikely allies on shared projects.
  • Be a part of something larger than ourselves.
  • Grow our work, friendship circle and lives.
  • Use our best talents more often.
  • Create a “first ever.”
  • Enlarge our worlds.
  • Get more done.
  • Celebrate.

moving from me to we


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