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From how to kiss passionately to understanding VoIP how-to videos are wildly popular. Yet short, simple explanatory videos are deceptively difficult to create. Perhaps the fastest way to learn something new is to actually see each step explainedby a clear communicator. One can watch them in spare moments, anytime, from a computer or mobile. Perhaps one of the most catchy, cost-effective ways for you to attract or serve customers, group members, cause supporters or donations is to offer a compelling explanation, enticing online story or helpful how-to vignette. What would you like explained?

In this podcast, learn how to translate your expertise into an unusual “paperworks” short format from two collaborative masters, Sachi and Lee LeFever. See the lucid, quick explanations they’ve crafted for online photo sharing, switching to energy saving light bulbs, buying a home online and finding your location using Google Maps. They run Common Craft Productions out of their Seattle home, attracting work from Wet Paint, March of Dimes, Weatherbug, TalentSpring …

Share your explanatory or how-to video on your site (as Janine Warner has) or blog and on VideoJug SuTree. Or, for a Me2We approach, be a filmmaker, covering another expert or be an star in a how-to video created by a pro at Expert Village. Then keep up with the latest tips for your visual creations.

moving from me to we


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