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When mentoring goes both ways it’s one of the richest experiences one can have, noted Ben Casnocha in his book, My Start-Up Life. Crediting a long line of wise guides, Casnocha, who founded Comcate at age 14, called today’s interviewee, Chris Yeh, a mentor’s mentor. We’ll also hear from Kristine Molnar at PBwiki, one of his start-ups.

1. Mentoring in the Most Powerful Way

In today’s interview you’ll hear about the far-reaching benefits of deep, two-way guidance. Some effects ripple out beyond the original mutual mentors as this story demonstrates. My favorite line in this story is about the golden rule of mentoring: “It is wise to help set the course. But the navigator has to find his own way.”

Yeh’s life is saturated with flourishing relationships. An avid family man, friend, high-tech entrepreneur and advisor (Symphoniq, AthenaWork,, Umaveda, Ustream.TV, etc.) and a writer, he‘s actively involved with former classmates at Stanford and Harvard Business School.

2. Making Collaboration Easy and Fun Online

In this interview, Chris also describes a second Me2We approach, the power of free or low-cost, user-friendly wikis to collaboratively collect and share information. At PBwiki (hosting over 400,000 business and educational wikis), Chris, Kristine and the rest of the team serves even the non-geek market of people like me and perhaps you.

(Kevin Holland goes further, saying don’t even call them wikis or you’ll scare some people away.) In past posts, we’ve mentioned other Me2We ways to wiki.

If you’re now hungry for more Yeh ideas on connecting well with others, check out Ustream. Use it to broadcast your live video experiences, including athletic event, school play, wedding, talk showand political convention.

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