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Help Others Earn Extra Cash

Launch a business or adapt yours to enable others to squeeze money out of idle resources – especially ones they did not know could generate income.  As the economy continues to wobble you’ll see more businesses that serve this growing need.

Just today one such business got modest funding – for that reason. Got some spare space? Then why not find someone who’ll pay you to keep their stuff? Homstie helps make that happen, albeit with an awkward business name. It offers a person-to-person marketplace for storage space.

Homstie co-founders, Mario Feghali and Chuck Gordon got $20,000 from Austin business incubator Capital Factory – a pittance by many standards but sufficient to grow this start-up. 

Why? Because the incubator operates with a Me2We mindset.

Create the Team That Makes Your Talents More Valuable 

Here’s how. 

The incubator’s partners provide an integrated web of supportive services – making them an adept support team. The partners free services include office space,  PR help from Porter Novelli, law advice from Wilson, Sonsini Goodrich & Rosatti and accounting from vCFO and The Accounting Group. 

These partners leveraged their capacity to accelerate the growth of these start-ups because the individuals in them have:

• Gotten to know and respect each other

• Become accustomed to working together as a team on this project

Hint: Can you make your business appear safer (or more fun, convenient to use, or other benefit) more by involving a partner? Homstie prominently touts a partnership with a firm that provides “rental screening solutions.” Next they need to partner with PayPal to facilitate payments.

Jump on This Profitable Trend

Become more valuable and generate more money by:

• Starting or changing your business to enable others to get more money out of what they already have.

• Recruiting a team that can help other businesses grow more profitable, in exchange for:

– A part of the business, and/or

– A cut of the profits, and/or

– Reduced pricing when buying from that business, and/or

– Other benefit(s) that most help your situation

How many ways do you tempt people to try your service?

While on their site, notice the many ways Homstie tempts you to see how easy it its to use their service and to sign up for it.  Don’t inadvertently put up walls between you and prospective customers.  Multiple the ways they can find out more and reduce the number of motions it takes to buy from you.

BTW, their blog has fascinating insights on how other peer-to-peer services are popping up to do business in ways that reduce energy usege and waste and more.

moving from me to we


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