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Bring out others betterThe Law of Unintended Consequences is increasingly becoming the norm. From drugs to drones to data collection, things that are initially invented for beneficial purposes can be quickly turned to evil uses, often creating massive profits and destruction.

Be grater together 2What We Can Do as Things are Getting Worse and Better

Our increasingly complex yet connected world is calling out for us to have a collective mindset. Why? Because bad and good can hit faster, farther, and from more places, initiated by more kinds of people more often as the cost of technology drops.

These inevitable trends, that tempt us in many directions, can also be seen as our call to a higher purpose.  I believe it calls on us to become Opportunity Makers with and for each other, beginning by adopting a beneficial mutuality mindset.

Take a 1st move towards mutualityNot giving, taking nor a quid pro quo but, instead, practice a back and forth flow of mutual support over time. That way you are most likely to cultivate healthy, enduring and high-value relationships – often with unexpected allies.

Attract More Adventure and Opportunity With Others

Rather than being affronted by differences, Opportunity Makers are actually fascinated by them. For many of us that approach requires a huge shift towards a mutuality mindset, yet once you experience the serendipitous opportunities that result, you become convinced of its benefits.

Ultimately that may be the surest path towards a meaningful, accomplished life we can savor with others.

The Icing on the Cake of Having a Mutuality MindsetGive enuf other Ch6_q1

It’s not the first shared opportunity that you have with somebody else that’s probably your best, as an institution or an individual. It’s some serendipitous collective action you accomplish after that, once you’ve increased trust and understanding of each other through that first-hand experience together.  In brief, it’s the unexpected things that you devise later on that you never could have predicted that will generate greater rewards and friendship.

Share storythey want to play1Strengthen Your Three Traits as an Opportunity Maker

Continuously hone your top talent. Become an adept pattern seeker by getting involved in worlds very different than yours so you enjoy more serendipitous encounters.  And communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest.

That way you are more likely to be able to recruit the right allies to solve problems and seize opportunities, fast and better than others.

Our Highest, Purposeful CallingHo we do a task

Let’s re-imagine our world as one where we seek sweet spots of strong shared interests around which to use our best talents more often to accomplish greater things than we could on our own.

As an Opportunity Maker you can become the glue that holds apt, diverse teams together and thus stay sought-after and satisfied with your life.

! cover small MM nJust remember, as Dave Liniger once said, “You can’t succeed coming to the potluck with only a fork.”


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