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Want a more meaningful, productive and opportunity-attracting life? Become more uplifting, smarter and sought after by adopting a mutuality mindset. More than money, talent, or your number of contacts, your capacity to create mutuality with others can transform you into a sought-after Opportunity Maker that people want in their lives.

Gain greater clarity about your mission and talents. Why? Because you can naturally gain greater specificity about what you say or write.

Get specific sooner with the specific detail, example or story can prove a general conclusion yet not the reverse. Yet it is more difficult to get specific without working on self-clarity – what most matters to you. Yet it is worth your self-examination because your specificity boosts your credibility and memorability, thus more likely to have your messages shared with others.

Adopt a mutuality mindset by asking follow-up questions & seek sweet spots of mutual interest in conversations to attract diverse allies, then collectively able to see more sides of a situation (potential problem or opportunity) and make smarter decisions faster together, for each other.

Such experiences draw us closer and more aware of our complementary talents we can provide each other and be motivated to do so.

Become the glue that sticks the right teams together to solve problems or seize opportunities sooner and better together.

Always seek to bring out others’ better side so they naturally see yours. One way: when the spotlight’s on you, specifically shine it on the.

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