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Did you enjoy sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher in front of the room? Farvood Nivi is betting you didn’t. (I daydreamed a lot.)Nivi has a bleak view of education: “The established method of applying manufacturing assembly methods to students is not working. If it was, then there wouldn’t be illiterate graduates and almost all students would meet standards.”Venture capitalists are backing Nivi’s “mysterious” yet “better way:” Provide an engrossing online game, “where those looking to learn can meet those looking to teach.” Amazon, iTunes, CNET and Netflix use “If you liked that, then you might also like these” recommendation algorithms, also known as collaborative filtering.Nivi’s start-upGrockit is constructing the same approach, “where people can teach each other.” It started out, planning to prep people for taking tests, yet its plans seem to have grown. The tiny firm is right across the bay in S.F.This Fall Grockit launches their massive, multiplayer, online game. As in life, Nivi says, the game will have risks and rewards to spur involvement – in learning together.Sounds like a Me2We approach.Here’s his enticing offer, to recruit great people as employees.Alternatively, find nearby instructors or propose to teach a topic – in person – at another smart Me2We start-up in Seattle, David Schappell’s Teach Street. Michael Harrington dubbed it “sort of Yelp for real world classes.” (They’re also hiring.)

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