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 … even when you have few resources. Or to make your small donation matter more.

Want to launch a campaign to spruce up your nearby park?

Like to share your expertise with others, for the greater good?

Like to track the success of a project you supported?

For your cause or club, like a user-friendly way find the best ways to accomplish more with social media tools?  No matter how small or large your “do good” goal, hear how to accomplish more with less in this interview with micro-philanthropy, social fundraising guru and Social Actions founder, Peter Deitz. “Our mission is to put actions in front of people who are most likely to take part,” says Deitz.  Rather than creating cause campaigns, he’s “aggregating campaigns where people connect around “actionable opportunities. Deitz told Beth Kanter, he’s creating  tools that “will assist in planning and implementing a peer-to-peer social change campaign.

Social actions will recommend platforms to use and best practices for spreading the campaign through social networks. It will also feature an after-action survey covering the tools used and the strategies implemented.This information will feed back into the system that recommends platforms and best practices.”

Like artificial intelligence, he’s creating a system that will get smarter as more people use it – a true Me2We approach.  That’s powerful support for person-to-person fundraising.

Like Micro Credit Enterprises, Social Actions reflect the new model of low-cost, all-virtual operations. His start-up site enables you to invite others to join you in supporting very specific social action.

Every part of his tiny, virtual organization exemplifies how you can leverage free or low-cost social medial tools to launch an active, powerful service. For example, his social network uses the free Ning service.

Fractured Atlas manages the group’s non-profit status. And, via an introduction from AspirationTech, the site’s capacity is being strengthened by a worker-owned and operated technology collective called The Brattleboro Tech Collective.

Funding sprung out of a NetSquared conference.  Perhaps these resources can support you, too, in helping your cause.

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