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Our trend towards more collaborative conferences and other modes of knowing and learning has happened largely through the use of new technology. The pace of change in online tools is overwhelming even for geek gurus (no I am not one). From three of my heroes on making education more entrancing and available (George Siemens, Peter Tittenberger and Terry Anderson) read about six tech-based models that enable people to get more out of conferences:

1. Adding Technology to Conferences
2. Augmented Conferences
3. Blended Conferences
4. Simultaneous-Blended Conferences
5. Online Conferences
6. Unconferences, BarCamps, and Open Spaces

The article also covers the use of technology to support your conference planning. Consider using them for post-conference follow-up and yearlong “Learning Together” community- building as well. These models augment the tech expertise that Corbin Ball, Ben Martin and Jeff De Cagna provide conference planners.

Then if you, too, have a thirst for learning, peruse Mission to Learn’s fantastic list of more than 100 places to learn free online (hat tip to Robin Good) and see how to inject more cross-learning and fun into a fast-paced meeting.

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