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Oops. Don’t just design and decorate your people-serving place or event. Storyboard it.  Create the experience for them, just as a movie director plans the sequence of scenes to pull people in and evoke an strong emotional response. But, unlike a movie director, you can involve all the senses.

From the first smell to the last sound of your store, stadium, conference, hotel, home or other site, create the moment-by-moment sensory cues you want others to experience. If you sell something, they will buy more.  With the right storyboarding you build bragging rights in the people who walk in. That’s priceless. Yet, used wrongly, a sensory cue can alienate customers, as Westin and others discovered. Now, begin with an Exposures Audit.

Relatedly, want to increase per-customer spending? Then provide free samples – the right way.  Our so-called ice cream bon bon bombshell experiment boosted movie goers’ spending 24 percent.  And we’ve repeated that success for clients at places as diverse as restaurateurs, meeting planners and museum store managers. Next, where possible, personalize your customer’s experience. A tall order.

In short, you can create a popular, one-of-a-kind place or event by offering the right multi-sensory story.  Next time you step inside a place notice what details affect your impression of the place.

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