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Tired of self-promotion? Would you like to make work and life easier, more productive and fun – with others? Here’s four ways others accomplish more together than you can on your own – and sometimes forge friendships.

1. Co-create Products, Cause Support and More

• From clothing design to science experiments, the right crowd can get more done together.

Collaborate online for a cause or faster innovation – and to become more well-known.

Crowdsource a contest; take it public.

2. Swap and Share

• Enjoy more travel  by house swapping or other shared hospitality.

• Swap books, lightly-used clothes and more.

Moms share everything from recipes to medical advice.

3. Get More Out of Meetings

Organize meetings for those who share your interest and perhaps make money.

• Capture the benefits of twittering at conferences.

• Create conference formats that will excite and involve attendees.

• Start a mutual growth, support or mastermind group.

• Share ideas in a fast and fun way for everyone. Try Ignite and Pecha Kucha.

• Make conferences more popular by harnessing the right technology.

4. Attract Customers With the Right Partners and Methods

• Even and especially in a bad economy partnering can be profitable.

• Train others to teach your methods – even sell your stuff.

• Forge an alliance with a bigger business or other organization.

• Recruit an unlikely ally to attract more interest.

Now, what Me2We methods have you used to accomplish more with others?

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